Jul 27, 2018

168: It’s The Deep State Dummy

This week Ivan's in the U.K., and takes on the Trump-Putin Summit; Deep State Media Outrage; Anderson Cooper; DNC Servers; Peter Stzork's Congressional Testamony; Anthony Bourdain & the Clintons; Emmanuel Macron & his Bodyguard; Terror in Toronto & ISIS.   

Jul 15, 2018

167: Trump Teabags U.K. Govt.

This week Ivan & Byron wade through the treacherous waters of Brexit Lite; the NATO Summit; the Three Brexiteers; Trudeau's Gropegate; Stormy Daniels Arrested; Clinton 2020 Vs Oprah's Fat Dick 2020; Kavanaugh's Right Wing Prison for Ovaries; Here Comes The Judge; Trump's Winning World Cup Jersey; Football Chants; Turkish Refs & Gucci Croats; Unicorns, the 5th & 6th Horsemen of the Apocalypse... and Live Aid.

Warning: Also Contains Gay Ben Shapiro & Left Wing Alex Jones 

Jul 6, 2018

166: England Team Rescued From Cave

This week Ivan & Byron contemplate England's World Cup progress; the Thai Cave Rescue; Diego Maradona's Latest Antics & Brazil's Football Suicides. Plus: Another Nerve Gas Poisoning in the U.K.; Trudeau's Gropey Past; Proud Boys in Portland; The War of Independance & the 4th July. Warning: Also contains Left Wing Alex Jones & Donald Trump Rapping.  

Jul 1, 2018

165: ICE ICE Baby

This week Byron & Ivan navigate immigration & border enforcement; Meanie Poo's ICE; Misunderstood MS13; Cynthia Nixon; Maxine Waters; Open Borders and the Road to Civil War; Milo Yiannopolous & the Annapolis Shooting; FIFA Ban on Brexit Chants; Diego Maradona Collapses; The E.U Summit & Burkas for the Homeless; LGBTQ Extremism & The Night Of The Long Knives.