Jun 26, 2017

113: Middle Earth Declares War On ISIS

Byron pouts about not getting enough attention as Ivan discusses the case of the Welshman who attacked the mosque across the street from a radical extremist mosque and a Bernie Sanders fanatic who shot up a Republican baseball game.


The gang then chat about some shrieking chick who blamed others for her lax laptop settings allowing someone to AirDrop a Pepe meme on her, 4chan pranks, freebleeding, Bill Cosby's mistrial, new colours on the Pride flag, and Jeremy Corbyn's longing to seize private property in the wake of the Greenfell Tower fire.


Plus: Mike Tyson's favorite snack and Byron's never had a (real) job.


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Jun 19, 2017

112: Comey Island Crybaby

Ivan and Byron riffs on James Comey's testimony before Congress while CNN and other media scum fictionalize what he says and leftists hold out hope for impeachment.


They then discuss news stories about a pro-pipeline German metal festival (pro-beer pipeline, that is) and an Ontario man who offended someone by lining his street with Canadian flags before getting into Gastown real estate amenities and hideous Vancouver houses and how 420 would be so much better if they replaced weed and Bob Marley with coke and Motley Crue.


Plus: Trump admires Stalin's "tremendous ice wall" and George V changes the family to pretend they weren't German while Stoner Hitler and Stoner Stalin carve up Poland before Stoner Hitler gets all backstabby.


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Jun 12, 2017

111: Ginger Jihadi

Byron and Ivan riff on Kathy Griffin blaming Donald Trump for her errors in judgement, Bill Maher dropping the N-bomb, Reza Azlan attacking people on Twitter, comparing the UK response to the IRA vs ISIS, and the horrible hate-skid marks of Saskatoon.


Plus: England is like the Sigfried & Roy, playing with Islamic tigers from Angela Merkel's pet shop as jihadis murder infidels in attacks on Manchester and London, Stoner Hitler and Stoner Stalin, Jeremy Corbyn objects to shooting terrorists and Fashwave is making synth music listenable again while Pyra rants about the early iconoclastic history of industrial music before the proto-SJW 'tards (*cough*Skinny Puppy*cough) ruined it.


Also, we're moving to YouTube… eventually.


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Jun 5, 2017

110: Trump’s Tour of Hate

Trump's going everywhere he's hated, but seems to be having a good time anyway. Meanwhile, the Daily Show gets eaten by fellow leftists for joking about Trump becoming a tranny, ratings have no bearing on shows getting cancelled or not, and Ivan and Byron discuss Hollywood communists and the politics of cuckolding and interracial porn promotion.


PS: a pedo pinniped snatches a girl off the dock in Steveston.


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May 29, 2017

109: Fake Comedy

Ivan and Byron are joined this week by Vancouver stand-up and founder of the Comedy Shocker Mark Hughes to discuss the craft of comedy and what is or is not funny and acceptable to joke about.


They also chat about victim worship and other societal horrors such as prison rape and slam poetry before getting into news stories about Nazi pugs, a hate crime in which paparazzi ask to see Bruce Jenner's dick, and fake comedy like Samantha Bee, John Oliver, Trevor Noah, and other "globo-cuck" comedians  who are really in the business of propaganda.


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May 22, 2017

108: CNN Not Over Russia

Ivan and Byron laugh about how CNN obsesses over Russia like a scorned lover who totally swears she's over her ex—despite constantly talking about him; ignorance in state schools, Bill Nye's ice cream propaganda, and news stories about banning Mothers' & Fathers' Day school crafts in elementary schools and applause during speeches on college campuses, both in the name of inclusivity.


Also, people who reveal truth are the enemy, Antifa are the new Khmer Rouge but with worse hygiene, the pedo sex Wreck beach Nazi, and "whole lotta pedo goin' on" in Jerry Lee Lewis's marriage and "the religion of special needs."


PS: Some day scientists will find JFK's brain and be able to find out what Marilyn Monroe's hoo-ha felt like.


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May 15, 2017

107: ‘Allo, Allah!

When it comes to jihad, France just can't get enough and chooses suicide by Emmanuel Macron's globalist, pro-EU, and open-borders policies (plus his "Satan's Cornflake" wife) while Byron gets nostalgic for the electric chair and the good old days when perverts weren't lazy and Ivan muses about how good reggae must be dripping with either the Old Testament or big bouncing asses. The guys also discuss the local BC provincial elections—in which Ivan's kid endorses Tucker Carlson—before getting into news about shooting down drones in Kentucky and immunity for drivers who run over protesters.


Plus: social justice aliens, how to tell if something's Communist, "Fake Tits America", and how the relationship between the Deep State and Islamic terrorists blossomed in the Soviet-Afghanistan war of the 1980s.


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May 8, 2017

106: Sub-Prime Puthay

Ivan and Byron discuss the impending Canadian real estate crash, and Byron's looking forward to finally being able to afford that dumpster home he's had his eye on once Vancouver's insane real estate bubble bursts. Meanwhile, Ivan gloats about being both recession- and earthquake-proof before the guys get into discussing the Saudis fighting Yemeni childhood obesity, ISIS-front real estate in Syria, right-wing ice cream, Hillary kissing KKK senator Robert Byrd, Pakistan being the porn search capital of the world, and how Trump vs. Lil' Kim Jong Un is like the Mob taking on the local autistic kid.


Also: Axl Rose looks like an angry lesbian, KISS and Scooby Doo are the gateway drug to glam rock and ozone-depleting hairspray, the profound poetry of Mötley Crüe, weaponized wild boars, the "skinny white hoods" of the new inclusive KKK in the Pacific Northwest, conspiracy theories about John Lennon faking his own death, and Keith Richards is an immortal avatar of a Hindu god, sustained by goats' blood transfusions while Bob Marley proved to be not nearly as resilient.


PS: "Goat, machine gun, lady with one leg, porn."


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Apr 30, 2017

105: Red Line in the Sandbox

This week, Ivan and Byron discuss the ongoing saga of the USA vs. North Korea, wherein Trump is going to give Lil' Kim Jong Un a detention if he keeps breaking the nuke rules. Byron, however, is far more worried about Lil' Kim's weight issues and gets a little confused as to Ray Charles' song inspirations before the guys dig into Stalin's skin care problems and other personal body issues of dictators, how the assassination of JFK was really a surprise duel between Kennedy and the Deep State, needing more specific descriptions of open mic comedians, and Margaret Thatcher's swearing-in.


Plus: news about overturning a ban on duels between public officials in Oregon, MIT's new book "Communism for Kids," Islamic slavery in Libya, and kicking antifa ass at Berkeley.


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Apr 24, 2017

104: Kellie Don’t Turf

In this special Prince memorial episode, Ivan and Byron riff on Tory leadership candidate Kellie Leitch's straight-out-of-the-1950s anti-marijuana stance before getting into Byron's favorite massages and anal toy fixations, Gregor Robertson and rising homelessness in Vancouver vs. rising fentanyl overdoses, skinny jeans and scrotal rot, leftist comics whine that audiences don't laugh at their anti-Brexit jokes, and what Trump might do to the White House bowling alley cum basketball court.


Plus: Ivan muses about whether Prince considered Michelle Obama a peach or not and claims there is such a thing as good reggae, or there was before 1986. Meanwhile, Byron is shocked to learn that Ivan only smokes tobacco, and Kim Jong Un is the Oriental Idi Amin.


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