Jan 28, 2018

143: Deep State High Treason Special

This week Ivan & Byron pour fire on the breaking FBI & DoJ Scandal. Plus: How To Arrest High Ranking Deep State Operatives for High Treason, Professional Propagandist & Man-bitch, Don Lemon; Crypto-currencies with MLK; Left-Wing Alex Jones; Canada Mulls National Islamaphobia Day; How Not To Handle Hecklers by Justin Trudeau; FRIENDS: White Nationalist light comedy & Hitler Vs Merkel: Who will do more damage to Europe?



Jan 21, 2018

142: Shitholes Like Sweden

Byron & Ivan are back from the Deep South to discuss Tump Upsetting CNN with his list of 'Shithole countries'; Progressive Shitholes like Sweden; Toronto's Fake Hijab Attack; Trudeau's Betrayal of Yazidis; Canadian Bacon; Pork or Death; Trump's Weight & Fake News Awards; FISA Collusion Scandal; Right Wing Poster Boys; Fourth Dimension Reptilian Shapeshifters & Part 1 of our RoadTrip (Memphis).  


Jan 17, 2018

141: White Privilege Special

This week Ivan & Byron wallow in a white privilege special. Plus Michelle Obama in Vanacouver; Trump to Repeal Obama Weed Laws; Paying For The Wall; Pinochet; Free Sex Changes for Illegals, & the Harsh Gayness of Open Market Competition.  



Jan 7, 2018

140: A War In Heaven

This week Byron & Ivan rail on the Trump Bannon schism; Tango & Cash; California announces Sactuary State status; the War on White People; Immigration as Voter Replacement; MAGA Poland; & Umma Aberdeen's ongoing online security issues. Plus Jesse Ventura, Governor of Minnesota; Alex Jones, Governor of Texas & Steve Bannon, Mayor of NYC.


Dec 31, 2017

139: 2018 To Make 2017 Look Like 2016

Ivan & Byron meander through the New Year traffic of Getting Drunk; Trump's New Train Station; Street Corner Bitcoin Bankers; CIA Vs Hezbollah Drug Running; Trudeau & the Aga Khan;Prince Harry & Barry O; & Lil Kim & Big Donnie; Magnolia Trees; Farmers' Markets; Facebook's Fact Checker; Russian Collusion & more Don Lemon.   


Dec 23, 2017

138: Make Christmas Great Again

This week's Christmas Special contains seasonal messages from both Justin Trudeu & Donald Trump; Don Lemon; Hare Krishnas; CBC & the Vaughn Terror Incident; Trump's Tax plan; Princess Michael of Kent & the Blackamore's Head; a Mueller Investigation Update; Welfare Vs Jobs, QE, AT&T & Turtle caught with $53 million of cocaine. Plus This Week In History: Time's Man of The Year: #MeToo  


Dec 17, 2017

137: FBI Caught Sucking Satan’s Cock

This week Byron and Ivan discuss the FBI's compromised Mueller Investigation; Teflon Trump and the gotcha culture; the impeachment fantasy of the left & the realities of a Pence presidency or President Bannon. Chinese privilege; Roy Moore & Alabama; Byron's walk towards the light of fascism continues; Dennis Rodman & Lil' Kim; Trump's Pensacola speech; new crypto currency, the FashMark. And this week in History: Bill Clinton impeached.   


Dec 10, 2017

136: Don’t You Wish Your Boyfriend Was Fash Like Me

Ivan & Byron ruminate on the full spectrum of benefits that come from living the fash life; plus Trudeau's plans to replace the Canadian military with ISIS & an interview with The Rebel's Ezra Levant from August 2015, in which we discuss the the rising tide of liberal intolerance & the dynamic & appeal of Trump.


Dec 3, 2017

135: New Kellogg’s Race ‘n’ Rape

This week Byron & Ivan raid the cupboard without consent for white milk; Trump; Pocahontas; Britain First; Trudeau's ISIS meltown; the Brexit divorce bill; Belgium; Hate listeners; Islamic immigration & Bosnia on steroids; Gay training in Ontario; Bitcoin & the new FashMark; Aids & Weinstein syndrome's latest victims: Charlie Rose & Matt Lauer.


Nov 26, 2017

134: Trudeau’s Islamic Homecoming

This week Ivan & Byron meditate on Trudeau's 'hug a terrorist' program for Islamic 'travellers'; slam poetry; Ben Shapiro Vs Milo; Eminem & Trump; LGBTQ2S; sex with old ladies for film parts; Libyan slave markets; liberal racists; gays in the army & Black Friday.  


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