Aug 27, 2017

121: This Episode Is Fake

Byron & Ivan discuss faking it; Justin Trudeau; Tucker Carlson; Transgender grooming; Venezuela; Frida Kahlo; Diego Rivera & Leon Trotsky. 


Aug 20, 2017

120: The Dukes of Hazard Declare War on Antifa

Ivan & Byron discuss Charlottesville; the Dukes of Hazard; General Lee's Kung Po Chicken; Antifa & Black Lives Matter; Guam; Cultural Appropriation & the East Coast Power Blackout.


Aug 14, 2017

119: Lil Kim Draws First (prelude to a barbeque)

Ivan & Byron discuss Lil Kim's nuclear face off with Thump; the madness of worshipping summer; progressive media outlets in financial turmoil; assimilation Vs multi-culturalism; the Nixon resignation & yet more Bruno Mars.      


Jul 31, 2017

118: No Trannies on USS Trump

Ivan & Byron discuss Trump's ban on trannies in the military; ISIS fleeing Mosul dressed as women; the appointment of new Whitehouse Press Secretary, Anthony Scaramucci; Trudeau making the front cover of Rolling Stone... & Dunkirk.


Jul 26, 2017

117: ISIS Loses CIA Spending Money

Byron & Ivan discuss the Trump administration turning off the CIA cash tap for ISIS, left running by the Obama administration. Also, Trudeau's $10.5 million gift to Omar Khadr; glitter bombs for pussies & how Roger Stone helped Nixon & Kubrick fake the moon landings. Plus Byron's legenadary task management skills on display.


Jul 17, 2017

116: Social Media Gives You Cancer

Facebook (and social media in general) rots your brain, but Byron's addicted to the attention while Ivan couldn't care less since no one dares like his posts anyway. We also discuss living your life through your iPhone, concern trolling, Islamophobic Pokemon parody stickers, celebrity political opinions, a mysterious jump in sex assaults at Swedish music festivals, and how much God (or was that the Deep State?) hates the Kennedys.


Then Ivan tells the tale of the pimp with the tiny penis and poor Byron has to endure yet another news discussion about ISIS crap and Ivan being right. Again.


Plus: We bid farewell to our producer/newsgirl Pyra Draculea, who caught the "Island AIDS" as her imaginary iguana friend Zamo the Destroyer puts it, and thus she is running away to live in terror of being murdered by mountain lions and such in the wilds of Vancouver Island.


Links as promised in the show:

Catch us on YouTube:

Catch Pyra's other podcast The Zamo the Destroyer Show here:


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Jul 11, 2017

115: Man Takes Woman’s Job

Ivan and Byron chat about the weirdness surrounding how BC's NDP just grabbed power despite how the Liberal Party won a minority mandate for Christy "Ol' Squirrel Cheeks" Clark the other month. Naturally, Byron gets things a bit mixed up with some '80s Wrestlemania special, a mistake anyone could make.


Meanwhile, Ivan mourns for all the episodes of Scooby Doo that got cut short in strikes during his childhood, Byron reminiscences about the projectors' union strike, and Pyra bitches about smelling the award-winning sustainability of the local pulp mill and also tells of her dumb-ass staring contest with the local mountain lion. Plus: Ivan explains about co-ops run by menopausal hags and the gang discuss gay Wahabiism, the one-dictator North Korean obesity crisis, a BC baby getting a health card with an unspecified gender to suit its mommy's needs for attention, Nixon's trip to China, and an 11-year-old Alaskan kid who identifies as a bear-shooting hero.


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Jul 3, 2017

114: BBQ Wars

We hate to admit it, but the USA is #1 for barbeque… and obesity. Then the gang discuss assholes who bring veggies to a BBQ party, CBC propaganda shows, how Canada Day is Moving Day in Quebec, the UN blaming Palestinian domestic violence on Israel, the American Revolution as a rehearsal for World War I, and how Amelia Earhardt busted the stereotype about women asking for directions when she got herself lost over the Pacific.


Plus: Ivan turns a story about a Montreal adult daycare into "a cul-de-sac of Ivan-ness," much to Byron's dismay. Meanwhile, Byron channels Alex Jones with a side order of Yosemite Sam.


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Jun 26, 2017

113: Middle Earth Declares War On ISIS

Byron pouts about not getting enough attention as Ivan discusses the case of the Welshman who attacked the mosque across the street from a radical extremist mosque and a Bernie Sanders fanatic who shot up a Republican baseball game.


The gang then chat about some shrieking chick who blamed others for her lax laptop settings allowing someone to AirDrop a Pepe meme on her, 4chan pranks, freebleeding, Bill Cosby's mistrial, new colours on the Pride flag, and Jeremy Corbyn's longing to seize private property in the wake of the Greenfell Tower fire.


Plus: Mike Tyson's favorite snack and Byron's never had a (real) job.


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Jun 19, 2017

112: Comey Island Crybaby

Ivan and Byron riffs on James Comey's testimony before Congress while CNN and other media scum fictionalize what he says and leftists hold out hope for impeachment.


They then discuss news stories about a pro-pipeline German metal festival (pro-beer pipeline, that is) and an Ontario man who offended someone by lining his street with Canadian flags before getting into Gastown real estate amenities and hideous Vancouver houses and how 420 would be so much better if they replaced weed and Bob Marley with coke and Motley Crue.


Plus: Trump admires Stalin's "tremendous ice wall" and George V changes the family to pretend they weren't German while Stoner Hitler and Stoner Stalin carve up Poland before Stoner Hitler gets all backstabby.


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