Oct 20, 2018

The Dry Shave Show 178: Elizabeth Warren Dodgey Cherokee

This Week Ivan & Byron get into some Cultural Appropriation with Pocahontas aka Liarwatha. Also, Canada Legalizes Weed; Antifa; The Empire of Evil: Saudi Arabia & Jamal Kashoggi; NPC’s & 4 Chan; Mobs Banned by CNN; Gord Downey & the Tragically Hip; Civic Elections; Voter ID & the Racism of Low Expectation.

It's jam packed full of red pilled goodness.


Oct 13, 2018

The Dry Shave Show 177: Kanye’s West Wing

This week Byron is back to discuss the big story of the week: Kanye! Plus Chicago; the DNC's lust for Civil War; Spencer Chandra & Botty Babies; the Khymer Rouge; Siege Cities; Trudeau & the Marrisa Shen Murder; Churchill=Hitler; Stephen Miller's Glue Hands; Emotional Support Animals; Hacking; Bitcoin & the Clarence Thomas Affair.


Oct 8, 2018

The Dry Shave Show 176: Mount Kavanaugh Erupts

This week Ivan gets Charles Bae in to discuss all things Kavanaugh. Including Christine Blasey Ford; Julie Swetnik; The Mid Terms; The Politics of Rape & Revenge; The War on the Presumption of Innocence; CIA Psy-Ops; MK Ultra; Keith Ellison & Justin Trudeau. Also featured: Haiti & the Clintons; Native Hate For Pocahontas; National Debt; Central Banks & the Fringe Hate Group DNC.


Sep 30, 2018

The Dry Shave Show 175: Paranormal Politics with Dr Paul Kingsbury

This week Ivan is joined by Dr Paul Kingsbury to discuss a variety of paranormal & earthly phenomena, including Cultural Geography; Spacial Theory; Sasquatch; Inter-dimensional Shape-shifters & the Deep State; Toilet Culture; Crop Circles; False Flags; Brett Kavanaugh; OJ Simpson; The Civil War 2.0; Greys; Reptillians & Nordics.


Sep 23, 2018

The Dry Shave Show 174: Deep State Dems Gone Wild

This week, back by popular demand, Ivan is joined by Consevative MLA candidate, Charles Edward Bae to trawl through the rich pickings that are Trump's Russian Collusion Demands; Democratic Deep State Sedition; Treasonous Rod Rosenstein & the 25th Amendent; Impeach 45 & President Pence; Marine Le Pen's mental health; Brett Kevanaugh & Raperations; The Ongoing War on Infowars; Reptillian Shapeshifters & Arnhem 1944. 


Sep 16, 2018

The Dry Shave Show 173: Trudeau’s Conveyor Belt of Chaos

This week Ivan is joined by Conservative MLA candidate for Vancouver Kingsway, Charles Edward Bae. Charles brings the dirt on Trudeau minister, Crystia Freeland; Canada's NAFTA Fail & Making Mexico Great Again. Also featured: Culture Wars; LGBTQ: The Bride of Islam; Gulags; Mubin Shaikh; Quebec; More Dairy; More Gropey Trudeau & The Battle of The Plains of Abraham 1759. 


Sep 8, 2018

The Dry Shave Show 172: Hillary Clinton Kills Burt Reynolds

This week Ivan & Byron contemplate the murderous reputation of Hillary Clinton; Burt Reynolds; Annoymous Sources; Bob Woodward & Project Slander; NYT OpEd; U2's Bono Has Voice Stolen; High Altitude Blood Transfusions; Racist Milk; India's Gay Sex Landmark Ruling; Suge Knight & the Death of Tupac, Eazy E & AIDS.

Warning: Also contains Dave Deep State, Chinese Hackers & Alex Jones.


Sep 2, 2018

The Dry Shave Show 171: All The President’s Tweets

This week Byron & Ivan are joined by Drunk Trump. Featuring: All The President's Tweets; CNN & Lanny Davis; Trump's Indiana Rally; Bruce Ohr; John McCain's Oven Fries; Chinese Hack Hillary's Emails; NAFTA Cheese Wars; Toronto's New Sex Doll Brothel; Happy Biththday Google; Tech Tyranny & Regional Accents; Making It Rain Bitchez & more Chyna!



Aug 25, 2018

170: Michael Cohen Flips Burgers At CIA Barbeque

This Week Ivan & Byron are reunited over the Flipping of Michael Cohen; Paul Manafort; Vegan Dictators; Drunk Trump; Hitler on Twitter; Big Tech's War on Alex Jones; Trudeau's Happy Pride To Allah & Irregular Arrivals; Your Buddy Google Maps Bro & Old Man Flip-phones; The Great Moon Hoax of 1835; The National Enquirer & Professional Spinster, Jennifer Aniston.

Warning: Also contains Left Wing Alex Jones & Dave Deep State 


Aug 12, 2018

169: Tommy Robinson Released In Time For Brexit

This week Ivan is in Wales for a Brexit Special with a twist of Tommy Robinson. Also includes: Deal or No Deal; German Car Manufacturers Pooing Themselves Over A Hard Brexit; E.U's Insane Divorce Demands; Farage Vow To Don Khaki Again; E.U's Super Gonorrhea Threat; Boris Johnson's Burka Row, and Abu Hamza's Love Letters To Trump.    


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