Oct 24, 2016

Ep79: Trudeau’s First Birthday

Byron's disappeared again, so Leroy Leroux steps in to discuss Justin Trudeau's dubious accomplishments in his first year in power with Ivan. They also chat about the best use for Chatelaine Magazine, a London cop daring to get uppity with foreigners, a high school boy who wants to be Homecoming Queen, female chess players boycotting next year's chess championships in Iran, "Orange Juice Simpson," Nazi rockets, and "Earth herpes."

PS: Don't  be astrophobic, folks.

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Oct 17, 2016

Ep78: Grabbing Democracy by the Pussy

Byron and Ivan recap the second US Presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, plus news stories about an Egyptian politician who wants to give virginity tests to girls going to university, an embarrassed teen who sued her dad for posting childhood pictures on Facebook, and Twitter shutting down Saudi feminists.

Plus: where the rebels are nowadays, 4chan, George Soros, and Ivan's old schoolmate Jimmy Carter. 

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Oct 10, 2016

Ep77: Lochte Steals Kim’s Gold

Byron thinks the big story this week is Kim Kardashian's jewel heist, but Ivan insists on ranting about politics and stuff again. The guys riff on the lack of media interest in the latest from Wikileaks, Trump's taxes, and the first Clinton-Trump debate complete with Hillary's wire device before moving on to news stories about 4chan's war on Google, a Royal Canadian Mint employee keistering himself a pay raise, an Iraqi housewife's unique way of dealing with ISIS scum, and William and Kate visiting the best Vancouver has to offer. 

Plus: Byron gets sworn at and flashed by a cartwheeling drag queen.

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Oct 3, 2016

Ep76: BrexPitt

Finally, a news story Byron cares about! Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are getting divorced, but Ivan won't let that steal the spotlight from Angela Merkel's election defeats, the Labour Party's downward spiral, and news stories about whether or not schools should teach girls how to masturbate, how to stop stigmatizing the mentally ill by not calling jihadis crazy, researchers under siege by polar bears, the Soldiers of Odin in Vancouver, and one of Hillary's minions whose days might be numbered.

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Sep 26, 2016

Ep75: Gila Monster Endorses Komodo Dragon

George Bush Sr. endorses fellow Deep State candidate Hillary Clinton, Eddie Izzard loves the E.U., and Hillary blames Donald Trump for Islamic terrorism attacks in NYC and Minnesota. 

Meanwhile, Byron's phone goes off on air, and Ivan and Byron mock champagne socialists crying about their tax burdens and ponder implementing socialist sex, plus chat about news stories on CNN's Sally Kohn gloating at the suppression of free speech on campus, the dismal ratings for the Emmys, and a "refugee" in Europe who came to Austria for the chicks.

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Sep 19, 2016

Ep74: Back Door Barry O.!

The Chinese make Obama get off at the back of the plane while Ivan and Byron try to remember the Chinese president's name and discuss Ivan's complaints about and plans for the CBC, the "Kraft Singles of newspapers," Byron's seal-inspired roleplaying, dodgy male feminists, and the great fire of London.

They also ponder who pays for porn anymore plus news stories about AirBnB hidden camera sex tapes, a Lego leg, and regulating cow farts in California.

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Sep 12, 2016

Ep73: Appetite für Destruction

Ivan and Byron gloat about Angela Merkel getting her ass handed to her by the AfD, Hillary Clinton opening a pickle jar to show she's got no health issues, getting your kink on in the Weimar republic debauchery, the official sponsors of ISIS, Mother Theresa getting sainted, and Ivan's new handle.

Then, some  news stories about exploding tablets, a model turned potential jihadi bride, and misgendering councilmen, er, women in Bolton. Plus: left wingers can't get no satisfaction but right wingers can.

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Sep 5, 2016

Ep72: The Wizard of Soz

Ivan and Byron think it's about time Hollywood made a rerun of the Wizard of Oz and give their casting suggestions, starring George Soros. They also talk about the DC leaks about Soros' Open Society Foundation's nefarious deeds, Byron's new London-friendly comedy act, and This Week in History leads to #NotAllReptiles.

Also: Hillary Clinton hates Breitbart News, Thailand jails Facebook meme-makers, Egyptian TV suspends fat female news personalities, and Alice Cooper wants your vote to put Lemmy on Mount Rushmore.

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Aug 29, 2016

Ep71: Hillary’s Greatest Hits

Fresh from relaxing on a beach in North Wales, Ivan's back to gloat about a post-Brexit Britain collecting all the gold Rio can offer (that the EU tried to claim as their own). Then he and Byron discuss Canada's religious reverence for "The Fatally Flawed," Vancouver  girls vs. Liverpool girls, Justin Trudeau speaking for the Pokemon Go generation, worshipping Satan at Dude Chilling Park, Hillary Clinton's health issues and all those bizarrely convenient deaths of people who piss her off.

Plus: news stories about open dildo carry in Texas, a rape accusation plagiarized from 50 Shades of Grey, and beavers use a leg to decorate their damn in Wisconsin, and a history lesson on spit-roasting Poland.

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Aug 14, 2016

Ep70: Zika Wins Gold

Ivan's run off to merry old England, so Byron's fellow street performer Sean Kaata Dwen sits in for an ISIS-free discussion of the Rio Olympics, basketball, sex tourism, Richard Nixon, fried chicken, breastfeeding, and brown privilege.

They also chat about news stories about a man with two obituaries, being sexually assaulted by plastic toys, and San Francisco nudists.

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