Feb 18, 2018

146: The People’s Republic of Peoplekind

This week, with Byron deployed in the Maritimes, Ivan takes on his favourite topic, Justin Trudeau & his finest moment yet: 'Peoplekind'. Also, Ontario's Minimum Wage & Predictable the Loss of 59,000 PT jobs. Plus, FBI Mueller Investigation Announces No Collusion With Russians, whilst in the other Russian Collusion Case, Ungagged FBI Operative Gives Evidence on Uranium One Investigation, & This Week In History: The Death of Socrates 399BC. 


Feb 12, 2018

145: Bicycles Are Real, Aeroplanes Are Racist

This week Ivan & Byron Ponder the Socialist Utopia of Quebec; Comedians Hosting Funerals; Guy Earl & the Great East Van Lezzergate; Great Walls Through History; Brown Privilege; Yellow Guilt; the Winter Olympics; Strongman Diplomacy Vs Basketball Diplomacy; Time Travel for Liberals, and Peering into Crystal Ball of the Deep State Coup.  


Feb 4, 2018

144: Fascists 1 Deep State 0

This week Byron & Ivan feast on the FISA Court Memo Release; MSM Meltdown; Embracing Slander; The Language of Death; Teenage Trudeau Bombs Again; Canada's Gender Neutral National Anthem; NYPD Vs Murdoch Mysteries; Natalie Woods & Christopher Walken, and the Ottoman Empire. Plus Bitcoin Report with MLK and more Left Wing Alex Jones.

Warning: Made In A Factory That Also Makes Don Lemon   


Jan 28, 2018

143: Deep State High Treason Special

This week Ivan & Byron pour fire on the breaking FBI & DoJ Scandal. Plus: How To Arrest High Ranking Deep State Operatives for High Treason, Professional Propagandist & Man-bitch, Don Lemon; Crypto-currencies with MLK; Left-Wing Alex Jones; Canada Mulls National Islamaphobia Day; How Not To Handle Hecklers by Justin Trudeau; FRIENDS: White Nationalist light comedy & Hitler Vs Merkel: Who will do more damage to Europe?



Jan 21, 2018

142: Shitholes Like Sweden

Byron & Ivan are back from the Deep South to discuss Tump Upsetting CNN with his list of 'Shithole countries'; Progressive Shitholes like Sweden; Toronto's Fake Hijab Attack; Trudeau's Betrayal of Yazidis; Canadian Bacon; Pork or Death; Trump's Weight & Fake News Awards; FISA Collusion Scandal; Right Wing Poster Boys; Fourth Dimension Reptilian Shapeshifters & Part 1 of our RoadTrip (Memphis).  


Jan 17, 2018

141: White Privilege Special

This week Ivan & Byron wallow in a white privilege special. Plus Michelle Obama in Vanacouver; Trump to Repeal Obama Weed Laws; Paying For The Wall; Pinochet; Free Sex Changes for Illegals, & the Harsh Gayness of Open Market Competition.  



Jan 7, 2018

140: A War In Heaven

This week Byron & Ivan rail on the Trump Bannon schism; Tango & Cash; California announces Sactuary State status; the War on White People; Immigration as Voter Replacement; MAGA Poland; & Umma Aberdeen's ongoing online security issues. Plus Jesse Ventura, Governor of Minnesota; Alex Jones, Governor of Texas & Steve Bannon, Mayor of NYC.


Dec 31, 2017

139: 2018 To Make 2017 Look Like 2016

Ivan & Byron meander through the New Year traffic of Getting Drunk; Trump's New Train Station; Street Corner Bitcoin Bankers; CIA Vs Hezbollah Drug Running; Trudeau & the Aga Khan;Prince Harry & Barry O; & Lil Kim & Big Donnie; Magnolia Trees; Farmers' Markets; Facebook's Fact Checker; Russian Collusion & more Don Lemon.   


Dec 23, 2017

138: Make Christmas Great Again

This week's Christmas Special contains seasonal messages from both Justin Trudeu & Donald Trump; Don Lemon; Hare Krishnas; CBC & the Vaughn Terror Incident; Trump's Tax plan; Princess Michael of Kent & the Blackamore's Head; a Mueller Investigation Update; Welfare Vs Jobs, QE, AT&T & Turtle caught with $53 million of cocaine. Plus This Week In History: Time's Man of The Year: #MeToo  


Dec 17, 2017

137: FBI Caught Sucking Satan’s Cock

This week Byron and Ivan discuss the FBI's compromised Mueller Investigation; Teflon Trump and the gotcha culture; the impeachment fantasy of the left & the realities of a Pence presidency or President Bannon. Chinese privilege; Roy Moore & Alabama; Byron's walk towards the light of fascism continues; Dennis Rodman & Lil' Kim; Trump's Pensacola speech; new crypto currency, the FashMark. And this week in History: Bill Clinton impeached.   


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