Apr 22, 2018

155: Storm in a D Cup

On this week’s show, Ivan & Byron get to grips with the media tours of Stormy Daniels & James Comey; the DoJ investigation into Andrew McCabe; and the war between George Soros & Viktor Orban. Plus, Emmanuel Macron; Magicians in Court & Hypno-rape; the European Super Club; Crypto Currencies with MLK; Left Wing Alex Jones & the Deep State; Sadiq Khan & Justin Trudeau, and 4:20: Hitler’s Birthday.

Warning: Made in a factory that also makes Russian Collusion.


Apr 15, 2018

154: Putin on the Breaks

This week Byron & Ivan ruminate on how Vladimir Putin can't get a break. Plus, the Deep State's All Inclusive Package Holiday in Syria & the West's Cozy Relationship With Islamic Terror;  FBI Raid the Offices of Trump's Lawyer; London Knife Crime Epidemic & Celebrity Chefs; John Bolton, Colin Powell & the Hoovers. Also contains: Crashing the Economy Under Trump & Idi Amin's Escape to Saudi Arabia in 1979.


Apr 8, 2018

153: Deep State Twinkie Up For Oscar

On this week's show: Ben Shapiro, porn director; Laura Ingram; CNN; the Deep State's David Hogg & Emma Gonzalez up for Oscars; Mao's Cultural Revolution; Roseanne Barr; the Final Days in the Bunker with Trudeau Apology Culture; indicted Nicolas Sarkozy & his Libya funding, yet more Ben Shapiro, plus Marvin Gaye & his Cross-dressing Preacher Dad.  


Mar 31, 2018

152: Nazi Pug Blames Owner

This week Ivan stands back as Byron goes full Stage 2 Conservative over a Nazi Pug. Also, British Justice goes all Monty Python; Byron's Ben Shapiro dream; Hitler's Inner Circle; Jordon Peterson as fallacy nemesis; Andrew McCabe, CNN & the Blame Trump Psychosis; Cosmetic Surgery for Asian Fish, and Viagra.



Mar 24, 2018

151: A Cultural Marxism Special

With Byron spreading the good news in Alberta, Ivan is joined by Conservative MLA, Charles Bae to discuss Cultural Marxism; Evergreen University; Leftist Racism; Yuri Bezmenov & Target Societies; South Africa & White Genocide; Cultural Warfare & Repressed Inferiority; Open Borders; Islam; the Progressive Pecking Order, and the Firing of FBI Assistant Director, Andrew McCabe.

 @CulturalMarxism @YuriBezmenov @Evergreen @WhiteGenocide @SouthAfrica @AndrewMcCabe


Mar 18, 2018

150: Time’s Up Tillerson

This week Byron & Ivan Contemplate Rex Tillerson's Firing from The Apprentice; Mike Pomeo; Russian Collusion; FB Likes as Votes; Open Borders; Fort McMurray; Bitumin; Jane Fonda; Bruno Mars & Crimes of Cultural Appropriation; Kid Rock: Fentanyl Eminiem; KD Lang; the Italian Elections; Stormy Daniels; Instagram; Jordon Peterson; Trailer Park Boys & the Killing of Julius Caeser by OJ Simpson in 44BC.


Mar 11, 2018

149: MSM Chokes on Kim Deal

This week Ivan is joined by Conservative MLA for Vancouver Kingsway, Charles Bae to discuss the Liberal Media's Reaction to the Korea News; the Deep State's Appetite for Regime change; Strongmen Vs Theocracies; the Treaty of Westphalia; the Red Pill Libya; Untested Modern Navies; The Guardian; Facebook Bans; South Africa; the Nobel Peace Prize; Tolerance & Target Societies; Facts as Hate Speech; the Truth About Islam; Jesus & the New Deal; Jung's Thinkers & Feelers, and Mussolini denies women the vote.

Warning: Contains Conservatism 


Mar 4, 2018

148: NRA or NWA

This week Ivan & Byron navigate the trecherous waters of the Florida blame game: NRA or FBI. Also, General Pinochet; Planned Parenthood; Black Panther; South Africa's Land Grab; Big Tech's Political Purge; Comedy as Conformity; The MAGA Faiths: Catholicism & Eastern Orthodoxy, and John Lennon's bigger than Jesus.

Also contains Left Wing Alex Jones. 


Feb 25, 2018

147: Guns R US

This week Ivan & Byron talk about the Florida School Shooting; Crisis Actors; Gun Control; Mums with Guns; Hillary's Hitman Hotline; Great Walls through History; the Canadian National Anthem; Trudeau's Dressing Up Parties; Twitter crackdown; Gab.ai & Roosevelt's Gender Fluid Aeroplanes.



Feb 18, 2018

146: The People’s Republic of Peoplekind

This week, with Byron deployed in the Maritimes, Ivan takes on his favourite topic, Justin Trudeau & his finest moment yet: 'Peoplekind'. Also, Ontario's Minimum Wage & Predictable the Loss of 59,000 PT jobs. Plus, FBI Mueller Investigation Announces No Collusion With Russians, whilst in the other Russian Collusion Case, Ungagged FBI Operative Gives Evidence on Uranium One Investigation, & This Week In History: The Death of Socrates 399BC. 


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