Dec 17, 2018

The Dry Shave Show 186: Bunny Ranch Collusion

This week Ivan & Byron get all technical over the latest Trump allegations. Featuring Michael Cohen; the Mueller Investigation; Yahoo News; Alan Dershowitz; Sara Carter on the Clinton Foundation; Jennifer Aniston; The National Enquirer; Government Contracts; Quebec; Trudeau's Gun Ban & Bears; Stereotype Roles in Film; George Jones, and the Godfather of celebrity police chases, James Brown.   

Dec 9, 2018

The Dry Shave Show 185: Trump Pounds Bush

This week Byron & Ivan mull the premature demise of former president, George HW Bush. Featuring: Vapid Eulogies; Don Lemon; Trudeau's $50 million Tweet; Charitable Ethics Vs Banana Republics; Rapey Dean Martin & Baby It's Cold Outside; Kevin Hart & the Oscars; More Don Lemon; Neil deGrasse High; More Mueller Investigation; French Carbon Tax Unrest, & Jordan Peterson in Vancouver.  

Dec 2, 2018

The Dry Shave Show 184: McCarthy Accused of Muellerism

This week Ivan & Byron investigate the latest episodes in the Mueller Witch Hunt Pantomime. Featuring: The voice of Chairman Mao; Jerome Corsi; Paul Manafort & The Guardian; Michael Cohen & Putin's Penthouse; Gavin McInnes & the Proud Boys; Dogs on Drugs and Freddie Mercury's Cats; U.N. Compact on Migration; Scarface Bad / Acidface good; Instagram; Year Zero, black pyjamas & Winston Churchill.

Warning: Also contains Thug Life Jordan Peterson.

Nov 25, 2018

The Dry Shave Show 183: Soft Cheese, Hard Brexit

This week Byron & Ivan get hard over Brexit. Featuring: Jean Claude Junker & Brexit Lite; California Wild Fires & Celebrity Homes; Trump Derangement Syndrome is Real; Stormy Daniels' Accuses Trump of Ruining her Career; Jim Acosta Accuses Trump of Ruining his Career; Why the Left Hate Trump; Dine & Dash Criminals, and Ted Cruz's dad shoots JFK. 

Warning: Also contains: Cryptocurrency Index with MLK & Thug Life Jordan Peterson.

Nov 18, 2018

The Dry Shave Show 182: DNC How Low Can You Go?

This week, with Byron away in Hate Trump Cali, Ivan is joined by Charles Edward Bae to trawl over all things DNC & Criminal. Including: Mid Terms Voter Fraud; Engineered Migration; Florida & Brenda Snipes; Open Borders vs Welfare System; Jim Acosta & his White House Ban; Tucker Carlson & Antifa; Jeff Sessions; Larry King & CNN.  

Nov 10, 2018

The Dry Shave Show 181: Hate Trump with Leroy La Rue

He's back! He loves Trump; he loves the NRA; he loves Borders; he's from Lafayette, Louisiana and he's as gay as a Californian Quinoa Salad. This week Ivan is joined by Leroy La Rue to talk about the biggest employment opportunity for decades: Hatin' Trump.

Also, Confederate Socks & Burkas; Evil Cloaks; Don Lemon & Kill Whitey; Straw Bans & Turtles; Starbucks; Yellow Mao; White Privilege; Exile in France; & the Collective Madness of Trump Derangement Syndrome.    

Nov 4, 2018

The Dry Shave Show 180: Ben Shapiro’s Two Gender Bender

This week Ivan & Byron are reunited to discuss Ben Shapiro in Vancouver. Also: Identity Politics; Pittsburgh Shooting;; Anti-Semitism; Angela Merkel: Rape Vs Kebabs; Brazilian Trump: Jair Bolsonaro; U.N's One World Government; Trudeau Govt to Harvest Canadian Bank Details; CRA Scams; Jesse Ventura & Steven Seagull.

All contains: Strip Club Ben Shapiro

Oct 28, 2018

The Dry Shave Show 179: Bread, Circuses & Caravans

This week Ivan is joined by Conservative MLA candidate for Vancouver Kingsway, Charles Edward Bae, to discuss the two big stories of the week: Bombs & Caravans. Charles makes a prediction for the upcoming Mid Term elections and we discuss the Trump effect. Also featured: Transgender politics; DNC Voter Fraud; Venezuela; Ben Shapiro in Vancouver; Facts vs Feelings & Gweneth Paltrow's Hot Dog Water.  

Oct 20, 2018

The Dry Shave Show 178: Elizabeth Warren Dodgey Cherokee

This Week Ivan & Byron get into some Cultural Appropriation with Pocahontas aka Liarwatha. Also, Canada Legalizes Weed; Antifa; The Empire of Evil: Saudi Arabia & Jamal Kashoggi; NPC’s & 4 Chan; Mobs Banned by CNN; Gord Downey & the Tragically Hip; Civic Elections; Voter ID & the Racism of Low Expectation.

It's jam packed full of red pilled goodness.

Oct 13, 2018

The Dry Shave Show 177: Kanye’s West Wing

This week Byron is back to discuss the big story of the week: Kanye! Plus Chicago; the DNC's lust for Civil War; Spencer Chandra & Botty Babies; the Khymer Rouge; Siege Cities; Trudeau & the Marrisa Shen Murder; Churchill=Hitler; Stephen Miller's Glue Hands; Emotional Support Animals; Hacking; Bitcoin & the Clarence Thomas Affair.

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