Episode 9 Dave Coulier


Dave Coulier   

"Bob Saget is my filthy Jewish sister."

Dave Coulier plays the harmonica like he learned it the back of a boxcar trundling from Detroit to Chicago. The end of his 1 hour+ set Thursday night at The Columbia Theater in New West culminated with howling blues riffs on the mouth harp. The crowd. Went. Wild. A whistle-clean comedy set, interrupted only by the raucous laughter of the packed theater, featured stand-up done by a pro. Unbound from his 90's TV past of  shows like "Full House" while paying respect to it, Dave Coulier entertained marvelously. Stellar crowd work and an arsenal of voices and impressions (Scooby-Doo to Albert Brooks? C'maaaaan!) made the night for many. We at The Dry Shave Show were just happy he could sit with us for a chat...
Clean Guys of Comedy..Dave's upcoming project debuting June 2013.

Special Thanks to Lafflines and Shooter!


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