93: Hate Trump Love Islam


Byron's gone to get some milk in London, so it's just Ivan and Pyra this week, talking about Trump's inauguration (wherein he dared to say "Islamic terror" and implies it's a bad thing) and all the whiny brats who "just. can't. even. OMG…" about it (ie, the Women's March and other asinine protests sponsored by Soros and CAIR spokeswomen). They also riff on Bill Maher vs. Jenna Jameson, Madonna losing what little bit was left of her mind, Trayvon ISIS, liberal preppers, a whole lot of lost marbles on Interstate 465, racist microscopes on campus, and Ivan's latest right wing business idea.

Plus: Ivan pisses off his neighbour's friend and Pyra's Amazon recommendations list has Evil George Soros cooties.

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