Mar 31, 2019

The Dry Shave Show 201: Relativism Accelerates Global Warming

This week Byron & Ivan delve into the idea that it’s actually progressive ideology that is causing climate change. Also: Mini Ice Ages; Arctic Privilege; The New Green Deal & the Racism of White Fur; Clinton Foundation Lawyers Strike Deal With FBI Not To Release Emails; Woke Cat Lady Cher, Millennial Jargon & This Week In History: Ivan's Boy Franco, & the Spanish Civil War.

Mar 23, 2019

The Dry Shave Show 200: White Man Bad

This week Ivan & Byron get into the New Zealand Mosque Shootings; White Nationalism Vs Deep State Conspiracy; White Guilt & Islam as Victim. Plus, Vancouver Rape Crisis Centre Under Attack from LGBTQ Activists; Brexit Update - Hard Brexit or a Quiet Death, and This Week in History: St. Patty's Day.

Mar 16, 2019

The Dry Shave Show 199: Real Housewives of Guantanamo Bay

This week Ivan & Byron get into the U.S. College Admissions Scandal. Also: At Home With Robert Mueller; Ceausescu the SitCom; Tucker Carlson Targeted by Media Matters; Tommy Robinson & ZeroHedge Targeted by Tech Giants; SJW's Target the Mafia, & This Week in History: JFK's Grave Moved.  

Mar 11, 2019

The Dry Shave Show Live - Trump Vs Trudeau: Who Would Win?

This week Byron & Ivan are live in Vancouver discussing Trump Vs Trudeau - who would win? Scandal Vs Slow Coup - who would have the best chance in an election? Also this week, NYC Arrests 12 year old for chalk Swastika; HBO's Michael Jackson Documentary; the Wheels come off the Islam / LGBTQ Aggregation Fallacy in the U.K; Trump Rap; East Vancouver Under Uncle Ivan, & This Week In History: Biggie & 2Pac Killed by Hillary Clinton.   

Mar 3, 2019

The Dry Shave Show 197: I, Trudeau

This week Ivan is joined by Conservative MLA candidate for Vancouver Kingsway, Charles Edward Bae to discuss his three favourite topics: Trudeau; Trump & Korean Geo-Politics. Including, SNC Lavalin; Michael Cohen the Panto; The Art of The Deal; Democratic Candidates 2020; North Korea, and Star Trek.