Feb 17, 2019

The Dry Shave Show 195: Unaffordable House Party

This week Ivan & Byron get into Unaffordable Housing; Money Printing; San Francisco; Empty Condo Syndrome; Fentanyl, and Negative Interest Rates. Also: Trudeau & SNC Lavalin; Colonel Gaddafi & the Love Boat; Brexit; the Racism of Coal; Bill Cosby in Jail, plus this week in history:  Slobodan Milosevic & the Yugoslav War.


Feb 8, 2019

The Dry Shave Show 194: Blackface Lies Matter

This week Ivan & Byron bathe in the Virginia blackface debacle. Also: Trump’s State of the Union Address; Failed state & new globalist playground: Venezuela; the Italian Debt Crisis & this week in 1915: Birth of a Nation.



Feb 3, 2019

The Dry Shave Show 193: Papa Was A Roger Stone

This week Ivan & Byron get into some political panto with the Robert Mueller & CNN's arrest of Roger Stone. Also, Dan Bongino & Spygate; New York's Reproductive Act & Virginia's Infanticide Bill; Planned Parenthood & Chinese Organ Harvesters; Manitoba Mayor Mulls Trudeau Rape; Brexit Update; CBC & Satan, and the first McDonalds Opens in Moscow in 1990.