Oct 28, 2018

The Dry Shave Show 179: Bread, Circuses & Caravans

This week Ivan is joined by Conservative MLA candidate for Vancouver Kingsway, Charles Edward Bae, to discuss the two big stories of the week: Bombs & Caravans. Charles makes a prediction for the upcoming Mid Term elections and we discuss the Trump effect. Also featured: Transgender politics; DNC Voter Fraud; Venezuela; Ben Shapiro in Vancouver; Facts vs Feelings & Gweneth Paltrow's Hot Dog Water.  

Oct 20, 2018

The Dry Shave Show 178: Elizabeth Warren Dodgey Cherokee

This Week Ivan & Byron get into some Cultural Appropriation with Pocahontas aka Liarwatha. Also, Canada Legalizes Weed; Antifa; The Empire of Evil: Saudi Arabia & Jamal Kashoggi; NPC’s & 4 Chan; Mobs Banned by CNN; Gord Downey & the Tragically Hip; Civic Elections; Voter ID & the Racism of Low Expectation.

It's jam packed full of red pilled goodness.

Oct 13, 2018

The Dry Shave Show 177: Kanye’s West Wing

This week Byron is back to discuss the big story of the week: Kanye! Plus Chicago; the DNC's lust for Civil War; Spencer Chandra & Botty Babies; the Khymer Rouge; Siege Cities; Trudeau & the Marrisa Shen Murder; Churchill=Hitler; Stephen Miller's Glue Hands; Emotional Support Animals; Hacking; Bitcoin & the Clarence Thomas Affair.

Oct 8, 2018

The Dry Shave Show 176: Mount Kavanaugh Erupts

This week Ivan gets Charles Bae in to discuss all things Kavanaugh. Including Christine Blasey Ford; Julie Swetnik; The Mid Terms; The Politics of Rape & Revenge; The War on the Presumption of Innocence; CIA Psy-Ops; MK Ultra; Keith Ellison & Justin Trudeau. Also featured: Haiti & the Clintons; Native Hate For Pocahontas; National Debt; Central Banks & the Fringe Hate Group DNC.