May 27, 2018

160: Transgender Muslim Cock Wax

This week Byron and Ivan tackle the tricky subject of identity politics. Who would win: Islam vs Transgender? Plus, Millennial Cuckoos; Transgender Transformers; FBI Spy Exposed; Morgan Freeman #Mee Too; Yoko Ono & Runaway Kim; Nancy Reagan; Oscar Wilde & Rupert Everett, plus Ugg Boots, Meghan Markle & the absorbant power of Chihuahuas.


May 20, 2018

159: Happy Birthday Robert Mueller - 1 Today!

This week Ivan & Byron are back to celebrate Robert Mueller's Birthday. Plus, Stormy Daniels; Dave Deep State; Russian Collusion; Lisa Page's Resignation; FBI Caught Spying on Trump Campaign; U.S. Embassy Opens in Jerusalem; Harry Meets Meghan; Abu Bakr Al Bahgdadi; Tayyip Erdogan, Gerard Depardieu & The Satanic Verses; Iran: the Art of No Deal, and the History of Shoes.


May 12, 2018

158: Cosby Guilty - The Proof is in the Pudding

This week Byron is joined by Albertan Baby Alex Jones, Eric Amber to wade in on Bill Cosby's Guilty Verdict. Plus, Perv Nursery NBC; Tom Brokaw & Matt Lauer; #MeeToo; Google's Islamic Cars; Kattie Perry Vs Nuns; Gay Cops; The Golden State Killer; Abba For Islam & Village People; Daniel Day Lewis & The Noble Prize For Acting and MLK's Crypto Currency Report.


May 6, 2018

157: Alberta Pipe Dream Up In Smoke

This week Ivan is joined by Albertan Baby Alex Jones, Eric Amber to discuss the Kinder Morgan Pipeline Debacle. Featuring: The Provincial NDP Civil War; BC Wine vs Albertan Bitumin; Rachel Notley & Hulk Horgan; #turnoffthetap; Sovereignty vs Debt & Engineered Collapse.

Plus: World Cup Russia 2018; Trump & the Nobel Peace Prize; 'They Live' & Progressive Zombies; The White House Correspondant's Dinner & Cats vs Kids.