May 27, 2018

160: Transgender Muslim Cock Wax

This week Byron and Ivan tackle the tricky subject of identity politics. Who would win: Islam vs Transgender? Plus, Millennial Cuckoos; Transgender Transformers; FBI Spy Exposed; Morgan Freeman #Mee Too; Yoko Ono & Runaway Kim; Nancy Reagan; Oscar Wilde & Rupert Everett, plus Ugg Boots, Meghan Markle & the absorbant power of Chihuahuas.

May 20, 2018

159: Happy Birthday Robert Mueller - 1 Today!

This week Ivan & Byron are back to celebrate Robert Mueller's Birthday. Plus, Stormy Daniels; Dave Deep State; Russian Collusion; Lisa Page's Resignation; FBI Caught Spying on Trump Campaign; U.S. Embassy Opens in Jerusalem; Harry Meets Meghan; Abu Bakr Al Bahgdadi; Tayyip Erdogan, Gerard Depardieu & The Satanic Verses; Iran: the Art of No Deal, and the History of Shoes.

May 12, 2018

158: Cosby Guilty - The Proof is in the Pudding

This week Byron is joined by Albertan Baby Alex Jones, Eric Amber to wade in on Bill Cosby's Guilty Verdict. Plus, Perv Nursery NBC; Tom Brokaw & Matt Lauer; #MeeToo; Google's Islamic Cars; Kattie Perry Vs Nuns; Gay Cops; The Golden State Killer; Abba For Islam & Village People; Daniel Day Lewis & The Noble Prize For Acting and MLK's Crypto Currency Report.

May 6, 2018

157: Alberta Pipe Dream Up In Smoke

This week Ivan is joined by Albertan Baby Alex Jones, Eric Amber to discuss the Kinder Morgan Pipeline Debacle. Featuring the Provincial NDP Civil War; BC Wine vs Albertan Bitumen; Rachel Notley & Hulk Horgan; #turnoffthetap; Sovereignty vs Debt & Engineered Collapse.

Plus: World Cup Russia 2018; Trump & the Nobel Peace Prize; 'They Live' & Progressive Zombies; The White House Correspondent's Dinner & Cats vs Kids.