Apr 29, 2018

156: Islam Gets A Day Off

This week Ivan & Byron Navigate Toronto: Hockey & Truck Attack; Mental Health Vs Ideology; OCD; Trump / Macron Love Fest; Analogue clocks; Teenage Byron; Canadian Debt Crisis; & the Death of Mussolini

Apr 22, 2018

155: Storm in a D Cup

On this week’s show, Ivan & Byron get to grips with the media tours of Stormy Daniels & James Comey; the DoJ investigation into Andrew McCabe; and the war between George Soros & Viktor Orban. Plus, Emmanuel Macron; Magicians in Court & Hypno-rape; the European Super Club; Crypto Currencies with MLK; Left Wing Alex Jones & the Deep State; Sadiq Khan & Justin Trudeau, and 4:20: Hitler’s Birthday.

Warning: Made in a factory that also makes Russian Collusion.

Apr 15, 2018

154: Putin on the Breaks

This week Byron & Ivan ruminate on how Vladimir Putin can't get a break. Plus, the Deep State's All Inclusive Package Holiday in Syria & the West's Cozy Relationship With Islamic Terror;  FBI Raid the Offices of Trump's Lawyer; London Knife Crime Epidemic & Celebrity Chefs; John Bolton, Colin Powell & the Hoovers. Also contains: Crashing the Economy Under Trump & Idi Amin's Escape to Saudi Arabia in 1979.

Apr 8, 2018

153: Deep State Twinkie Up For Oscar

On this week's show: Ben Shapiro, porn director; Laura Ingram; CNN; the Deep State's David Hogg & Emma Gonzalez up for Oscars; Mao's Cultural Revolution; Roseanne Barr; the Final Days in the Bunker with Trudeau Apology Culture; indicted Nicolas Sarkozy & his Libya funding, yet more Ben Shapiro, plus Marvin Gaye & his Cross-dressing Preacher Dad.