Feb 25, 2018

147: Guns R US

This week Ivan & Byron talk about the Florida School Shooting; Crisis Actors; Gun Control; Mums with Guns; Hillary's Hitman Hotline; Great Walls through History; the Canadian National Anthem; Trudeau's Dressing Up Parties; Twitter crackdown; Gab.ai & Roosevelt's Gender Fluid Aeroplanes.


Feb 18, 2018

146: The People’s Republic of Peoplekind

This week, with Byron deployed in the Maritimes, Ivan takes on his favourite topic, Justin Trudeau & his finest moment yet: 'Peoplekind'. Also, Ontario's Minimum Wage & Predictable the Loss of 59,000 PT jobs. Plus, FBI Mueller Investigation Announces No Collusion With Russians, whilst in the other Russian Collusion Case, Ungagged FBI Operative Gives Evidence on Uranium One Investigation, & This Week In History: The Death of Socrates 399BC. 

Feb 12, 2018

145: Bicycles Are Real, Aeroplanes Are Racist

This week Ivan & Byron Ponder the Socialist Utopia of Quebec; Comedians Hosting Funerals; Guy Earl & the Great East Van Lezzergate; Great Walls Through History; Brown Privilege; Yellow Guilt; the Winter Olympics; Strongman Diplomacy Vs Basketball Diplomacy; Time Travel for Liberals, and Peering into Crystal Ball of the Deep State Coup.  

Feb 4, 2018

144: Fascists 1 Deep State 0

This week Byron & Ivan feast on the FISA Court Memo Release; MSM Meltdown; Embracing Slander; The Language of Death; Teenage Trudeau Bombs Again; Canada's Gender Neutral National Anthem; NYPD Vs Murdoch Mysteries; Natalie Woods & Christopher Walken, and the Ottoman Empire. Plus Bitcoin Report with MLK and more Left Wing Alex Jones.

Warning: Made In A Factory That Also Makes Don Lemon