Nov 26, 2017

134: Trudeau’s Islamic Homecoming

This week Ivan & Byron meditate on Trudeau's 'hug a terrorist' program for Islamic 'travellers'; slam poetry; Ben Shapiro Vs Milo; Eminem & Trump; LGBTQ2S; sex with old ladies for film parts; Libyan slave markets; liberal racists; gays in the army & Black Friday.  

Nov 19, 2017

133: Communism: A Perfect Failure Rate

Ivan & Byron meditate on a bad week for communism - the coup in Zimbabwe & Venezuela's debt default; the pros & cons of the justice system vs real social media justice; socialism's free crutches for athletes; Bernie Sanders - white Mugabe in waiting; sexual predator update; anal sex courses at Harvard; based Poland - the saviour of Europe; puppies invented in Azerbaijan in 1923 & by the Young Turks, and Vegas shooting update (warning: contains Saudi Arabia).     

Nov 13, 2017

132: Tyranny of Decency Special

Byron & Ivan discuss the tyranny of decency's latest victims, Louis CK & Mariah Carey; Facebook founder's health warning; HIV themed restaurants; Saudi Arabia's game of thrones & the Berlin Wall.

Nov 6, 2017

131: #Everyone’s A Pervert

Ivan & Byron tuck into Kevin Spacey; Trump Live in Japan; Antifa Rising; cultural guilt & progressive racists; Slam Poetry; Bernie's stolen primary; Paul Manafort & the Podesta Group; Donna Brassiere & Michelle 2020.