Oct 29, 2017

130 Hey Baby, Show Us Le Face

Ivan & Byron talk about the Quebec Burka ban; Gord Downie; the fall of Raqqa; Uranium One; Steven Seagull; Trudeau at war; the Kennedy Files; Cosplay & the world’s greatest superhero: Victim Status Person. 

Oct 23, 2017

129: Harvey Weinstein Cured of Rape

This week Ivan & Byron discuss Harvey Weinstein's seven day rape therapy; the Clinton Foundation; Gap Band Grannie - Frederica Wilson; #Metoo; Uranium deals; Ellen Degenerate; progressives pimping pedophilia; the Cuban missile crisis & Ivan's fantasy executions. A real feel good episode for optimists.  

Oct 15, 2017

128: Grab Em By The Oscar

This week Byron and Ivan dine on the Harvey Weinstien scandal; Hollywood hypocrisy; NBC; Vegas shooting developments; gun control; Rick & Morty's Szechuan saucegate; Disney, and the news that all  young people are gay. 

Oct 9, 2017

127: Warren Commission to Investigate Vegas Shootings

This week Ivan & Byron discuss the Mandalay Bay shooting in Vegas; ISIS; Alex Jones; Trump's Twitterstorm; Rex Tillerson; Miley Cyrus & Hillary Clinton on Jimmy Fallon; U.K crackdown on extremist material & Byron's recent trip to 80's Florida.

Oct 2, 2017

126: It’s the Reptiles, not the Jews

Ivan is joined by meritous conspiratorial conservative, Babz Kebabz to discuss David Icke; shapeshifting reptilian elites; pedophile rings; Antifa; Donald Trump; Justin Trudeau's socks; raping sex robots; white privelige, iphones, the illusion of privacy & V.

There's a lot going on.