Aug 27, 2017

121: This Episode Is Fake

Byron & Ivan discuss faking it; Justin Trudeau; Tucker Carlson; Transgender grooming; Venezuela; Frida Kahlo; Diego Rivera & Leon Trotsky. 

Aug 20, 2017

120: The Dukes of Hazard Declare War on Antifa

Ivan & Byron discuss Charlottesville; the Dukes of Hazard; General Lee's Kung Po Chicken; Antifa & Black Lives Matter; Guam; Cultural Appropriation & the East Coast Power Blackout.

Aug 14, 2017

119: Lil Kim Draws First (prelude to a barbeque)

Ivan & Byron discuss Lil Kim's nuclear face off with Thump; the madness of worshipping summer; progressive media outlets in financial turmoil; assimilation Vs multi-culturalism; the Nixon resignation & yet more Bruno Mars.