Mar 27, 2017

100: Islamists Can’t Drive

In this 100th episode, Ivan and Byron discuss the latest twist on the old joke about "Asian" drivers, more about Trudeau's new anti-blasphemy "motion," Byron's new restaurant venture, Pol Pot's favorite fertilizer, how Geert Wilders pays the bills, winning Scarlet Johanssen's heart John Hinckley-style, social media ratbots, Taliban tree planting, triggering scales, and how white people are hogging all the racism.


After that, Byron reminds Ivan there are other options besides being forced to live in this messed-up world, and the gang argue about who's hotter: Justin Trudeau or a young Benjamin Netanyahu.


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Mar 20, 2017

99: Kevin O’Leary: Paddy Plant

Kevin O'Leary is running for leadership of the Conservative Party but he's not fooling Ivan, who much prefers the "4chan/alt-right" Kellie Leitch and her "Prairie Lesbian" hair. Meanwhile, Byron argues free speech with some female comic who thinks right wingers should be stopped, and confuses Trudeau's proposed blasphemy law C103 with C3PO.

The guys then get into vandals wrecking the greens on a Trump golf course, feminists fighting to remove cars from Sweden, Tiger Woods, Shia La Beouf,  lunatic fans, and the time when Elvis joined the army & Nevada legalized gambling.

Plus: Byron rants about Lambourghinis while Ivan waxes poetic about "nasty mums."

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Mar 6, 2017

98: Ice Cream Führer

This week the guys discuss Byron's alcohol-fuelled "research" at Trump Tower's cocktail lounge while Rosie O'Donnell wants to snack with Soros and Democrats throw a white-clad tantrum against Trump. Ivan and Byron also riff on Amy Schumer as Let Herself Go Barbie, Tucker Carlson's secret identity as Ken, progressive ice cream flavours, Steve Bannon the creepy step-dad, Wikipedia wars over Garfield's gender, Byron's new toothpaste, and angry/delusional French-Canadian hippies.

Plus: Joseph Stalin would have made a terrible priest yet it's too bad he didn't go that way, the Oscars were a gong show as usual, and jizz is the elixir of life.

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