Nov 28, 2016

84: Canadian Values: Roll Up the Rim to Enter

Lefties think Kellie Leitch is Canada's Hitler for wanting to protect "Canadian Values" so Ivan and Pyra give a handy-dandy cheat sheet about fitting in in Canada. They also discuss a proposed Sharia subdivision in Montreal, a plan for sharing Canada's excess grizzly bears with California, and Lena Dunham talking to rocks in Arizona.

Plus: news stories about how to bait a police trap with donuts, bullying robot cars, and selfie-taking morons destroying priceless statues.

This week's Snowflake(s) of the Week: holding a campus shit-in for trans-inclusivity.

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Nov 21, 2016

83: LA Times vs. “Fake News”

The LA Times'  starts a butthurt smear campaign against "fake news" (ie their competition that discusses stories they don't like), while the New York Times apologizes for their campaign lies, sorta , and Justin Trudeau has a playdate with George Soros.

Ivan and Pyra also discuss whiny teachers in San Francisco, acidic Yellowstone hot springs, the greatest comedy show on TV right now, divers who get scooped up from lakes and dropped on forest fires, and yet another suicidal Clinton investigator before delving into important history like Reagan & Gorbachev's massive love-in, the Nuremberg trials, and the Kennedy assassination.

Plus: Syrian sex vacations, Ivan's favorite Facebook groups, and Pete Townsend's kiddie "research."

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Nov 14, 2016

82: All Hail Caesar

Ivan and Pyra laugh hysterically at the suffering of the snowflake brats who are traumatized by not getting their way on Election Day, then discuss the fall out and temper tantrums/"protests", Canadian border patrol, and celebrities not keeping their promises.

Plus: a blowjob cafe in Geneva might have to resort to robots, Turin's new mayor schemes to make Turin Italy's first vegetarian city, GrubHub's CEO will not tolerate intolerance (or Trump voters), Aussie football fans need to behave themselves in Thailand this month, a very historic This Week in History, and our new sponsor helps leftists get higher than their high horse.

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Nov 7, 2016

81: Vote Hillary, Hail Satan

Byron's still away and Leroy went home to get his vote on, so Pyra pipes up and joins Ivan for a discussion of the latest American reality TV gossip, wherein Clinton's campaign manager gets into some soul food, er, spirit cooking. They also chat about Hillary's ties to Jeff Epstein's Lolita Express, Anthony Weiner's "Life Insurance," the DNC hiring mentally ill people to instigate violence at Trump rallies, plus news stories about Santa Putin's gift to Steven Seagal, a secret Santa's gift to an Ohio DNC office, and last ditch efforts to overrule the Brexit vote in the UK.

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