Jul 25, 2016

EP67: Trudeau’s Gay Shariah

Byron's away, so Leroy Leroux joins Pyra and Ivan for this discussion of Justin Trudeau's attempts to turn Canada into Sweden playing both ends to the middle between the gay community and the Islamic community, plus news stories about reducing the age of consent for anal sex, Ruth Bader Ginsberg's threats to retire if Trump wins, and the EU ruling that drinking water doesn't prevent dehydration.

Also: Leroy's predictions for Vancouver's Pride Parade, Kinsey's connections to pedophile "researchers," and Ivan gets hot and bothered over "nasty mums."

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Jul 18, 2016

Ep66: #AllCrooksMatter

Byron and Ivan riff on Hillary Clinton somehow managing to not get indicted, Bernie Sanders selling out, and Trudeau's New Canada before Byron nips out for a "massage" mid-show, leaving our American pal Leroy Leroux to take his place discussing news stories about Pride, why it's better to watch baseball than train for it, wristbands that stop rape, and a Saudi Arabian dog beauty contest.

Plus: Byron returns for This Week in History (complete with just a slight bit of misunderstanding about Boris Yeltsin) and the Tao of Trump.

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Jul 11, 2016

Ep65: Sexiest Brit Alive: Nigel Farage

Ivan and Byron (the "free market cock capitalist") discuss Nigel Farage's Brexit triumphs and dissatisfaction with traditional parties in both the UK and the USA before getting into news stories about rapey UN peacekeepers and a curious bench press fatality who just happened to have connections to the Clintons and the DNC. 

The gang also discuss whether Pepé Le Pew's cartoon affections for the cat are interspecies rape culture or just bestiality, an otter tag team incident, Vancouver's mayor, Ivan's art projects, and Samantha Bee is an "acrid little bitch."

Plus: the day Pyra's vagina stopped loving Izzy Stradlin, and the Progressive Logic of Pooh.

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Jul 4, 2016

Ep64: Abused Britain Stabs Her Pimp

Ivan gloats about Brexit and rants about the media fallout while Byron complains about soccer losses at the Euros.

The gang also discuss news stories about a Russian robot hellbent on escaping from the lab, transsexuals serving openly in the US military, American women have to register for the draft, and an alligator at Walt Disney World.

Plus: ISIS "I Saw You" personal ads and This Week in History: the start of WW1 and Stonewall.

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