Jun 29, 2014

World Cup Special II

England has gone home, Italy is packing with bite marks,who’s left?

The 16 and the quarter final line up. Our second instalment of the FIFA World Cup Special.
Don’t like football? Fine Check out Episode #8 and #24 Chris Gaskin and with Adam Carolla .

Jun 22, 2014

July Pin Up

Winning by default is not the way to go….so we were creative and a new thing was established, have a listen and follow these girls on the twitter already. 


Jun 15, 2014

Episode 71-FWP-First World Problems

Byron and Ivan scroll through  the Dry Shave Show Pin Up contestants for July,no guest booked and we dig it,Call us at 206-339-5406 with your FWP and we may have you on the show.

Embarrassing fact- @TheLickDSS pass’s us by over 100 followers on the twitter,how is that possible? Cause it’s Sassy.

Jun 11, 2014

Lick -June Pin Up winner MiniiG /Mark Selzer

Hey guys, here it is! My second segment of The Lick!@TheLickDSS
We have the winner of our Miss June pinup contest @MiniiG we talk about her  crazy trip to Amsterdam, dick pics as Zio - @ZioDigital tries to guess which state she lives in based on her accent, and there's probably a little something in there about me skyping naked. 
Part II of the interview has comedian @MarkSelzer on. He's a really funny guy who has turned some of his life experiences into some really great jokes and skits. Make sure to check it out because we talk about everything from drinking to boobs. Hope you enjoy it! Thanks! 
Tweet to the network and Zio so I can get my own Podcast-Twitter,news,& boobs..The Lick!

Jun 8, 2014

Episode 70 -Four girls one World Cup.Part 1

Part I
Byron,Ivan,Dan Tanner and Andy Canete,preamble about the upcoming World Cup in Brazil.
What are ya,England,Brazil,Germany,Italia?
Get into to it!... but not at the England House because its sold out.
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Put a voice to a face-Check out Byron Bertrams new commercial for mens health.

Jun 2, 2014

Iliza Shlesinger Dinner & a podcast.

Episode 69

From our first to 69 -Iliza Schlesinger returns to the Dry Shave Show on a North American tour.

Some hipsters singing random TV themes annoyed us, a random lady stirred Iliza’s shit,but Blanche was ready to throw down,also Mau Scatolini calls in from Brazil to perv on Iliza, theses are the perils of recording on location.
The feedback for Sassy’s debut of  the Lick has been phenomenal-thanks for your input,the audio will improve and yes she may do a podcast topless-(t-o-p-l-e-s-s for those Howard Stern fans).