Jul 29, 2013

Episode 24 Adam Carolla

Zio & Tone sip Moscato Grappa with the Podfather himself, Adam Carolla. Fresh off the stage after his Vancouver show at the Commodore Ball room, he talks about Mangria and his new movie Road Hard. We ask him about the double-edged sword of today’s ‘on-demand’ media, DAG, and discuss Ace's transition (and requirements) to replace the "King of all Media", Howard Stern via a convoy of Brinks Trucks.

More importantly we are now part of the the movie "Road Hard". See how you can take part with the link below.

Jul 22, 2013

Episode 23 Chris Gaskin

Justice for Trayvon? 

Comedian Chris Gaskin talks about his past life as a referee and manager of professional wrestling....who knew?  More importantly he's soon to be on tour.

CD and new act will be available on iTunes .  Check em out. 

The Dry Shave Show is now available on stitcher radio , heres the link, subscribe already.

Jul 8, 2013

Episode 21 Patrick Maliha is not flaccid.

Episode 21: Comic, master impressionist and world record holder Patrick Maliha sits in with the Dry Shave crew. 

He regales us with a tale of Steve McGowan's hanging art, an upcoming fundraiser for victims of the Alberta floods and his time in the trenches with The Gentlemen Hecklers. He is a funny, funny man. Also, the lovely and talented Ashton Rodriguez pops in with a Vine Queef...