May 14, 2013

Episode 13 I got caught F’ing in a night Club-LAUGHTER ZONE 101

LAUGHTER ZONE 101,you thought about it, your Mom has said it, and now the crowd can judge.Are you funny?

A new group of recently graduated comedy students from Laughter Zone 101 guided by Janice Bannister the stand-up comedy instructor, who has an energetic and honest teaching style. Janice gets the best out of hers students at all the levels. She  performs regularly at Comedy Festivals, Comedy Clubs, and numerous business meetings, fundraisers and special celebrations. She has won the Best New Female (2003), and Best Comic with a Day Job. She has produced comedy shows, fundraisers, and special events. She has been featured on CTV, CBC, and in other media. She also teaches a program called Comedy Mental, a program to help reduce the stigma associated with mental illness.

Of course ,the DryShave Show  and guest host Trixx,had to show up with more pressure.

We introduced the " Shot Gun Interview" process to the green horned comedians a 2 min, barrage of Q & A.

All the graduates where extremely good sports.

LAUGHTER ZONE 101 is Vancouver’s Number 1 comedy school. The classes are fun and the focus is on getting students to showcase their unique comedy talents.

All ages benefit from the comedy school program as it encourages individuals to step out of the box. “What are those ideas you are carry around with you?” Turn them into comedy. Students are instructed in how to write in the “stand-up” comedy formula, while being encouraged to keep their own unique style. Students are given ongoing feedback by a professional comic, and guest comics.

Find them here:

Also we cant thank them enough, and we don't plug them enough.


Coming attractions include:

Dino Archie,May 17 & 18

Landry ,May 24 & 25

Brad Upton,John Beuhler,Sam Easton, & Daryl Makk.

Find them here:

Check out Trixx .

Thanks brother for your energy and class.

SHOOOOOTER!! Answer your phone!