Mar 25, 2013

Episode 9 Dave Coulier

Dave Coulier   

"Bob Saget is my filthy Jewish sister."

Dave Coulier plays the harmonica like he learned it the back of a boxcar trundling from Detroit to Chicago. The end of his 1 hour+ set Thursday night at The Columbia Theater in New West culminated with howling blues riffs on the mouth harp. The crowd. Went. Wild. A whistle-clean comedy set, interrupted only by the raucous laughter of the packed theater, featured stand-up done by a pro. Unbound from his 90's TV past of  shows like "Full House" while paying respect to it, Dave Coulier entertained marvelously. Stellar crowd work and an arsenal of voices and impressions (Scooby-Doo to Albert Brooks? C'maaaaan!) made the night for many. We at The Dry Shave Show were just happy he could sit with us for a chat...
Clean Guys of Comedy..Dave's upcoming project debuting June 2013.

Special Thanks to Lafflines and Shooter!

LAFFLINES Comedy Club 530 Columbia Street New Westminster, BC V3L 1B1

Phone: 604-525-2262 Fax: 604-525-2190

Mar 20, 2013

Episode 8 Heil Heckler

Heil Heckler

Chris Gaskin

March 16 2013

Live from Lafflines comedy club,in New Westminster.Late show turned.

For all the upcoming comics, before you get on stage, get your step Dad to heckle you in the living room to see if you've got the stones to handle the real world.

Chris Gaskin can handle your step Dad and "Mark "the Heckler.

Enjoy the episode.

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Special Thanks to Lafflines and Shooter!

LAFFLINES Comedy Club 530 Columbia Street New Westminster, BC V3L 1B1

Phone: 604-525-2262 Fax: 604-525-2190

Mar 18, 2013

Episode 7 Dino Archie

Dino Archie

This episode features Garett Clark as a first time co-host.

Rumblings and rants seeped from the green room floor and quickly accelerated to trashing the wanna-be hipster dufus's who think Marc Maron (host of WTF) is an overnight success story...who got lucky.

Little do they now he's been in the comedy coal mines for over two decades,thats like 400 hipster dufus years.

find Dino Archie -

twitter - @DinoArchie

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twitter -  ‏@GarrettAClark

check out Garett & Shooter's vine link via twitter,

What happens while Dino's on.

Mar 10, 2013

Episode 5 Trixx,Marc Anthony Steve McGowan

Trixx,Marc Anthony & Smashing Steve McGowan

December 2012

A shotgun start to the Dry Shave Show as Tone welcomes Lafflines comic, MC and ʻHa- Ha Hedonistʼ Steve McGowan. He, Trixx and Marc Anthony take a walk down the tracks to see a dead body. They find it, and it might be the corpse of Trixxʼs college years, Marc Anthonyʼs weighty ideas about where his funny comes from or the fact that few are safe from McGowanʼs quick-draw insulto-ray.




Mar 10, 2013

Episode 4 Chuck Byrn

Chuck Byrn

Working professionally as a comedian since 1994 and as a national touring headliner since 1996, Chuck Byrn has the experience and knowledge to ensure your show or event is a success. Having performed in almost every conceivable circumstance, Chuck adjusts his performance to suit the situation. Be it a formal awards dinner, a casual staff party or a large boisterous group of clients in from out of town... Chuck will put on a show suitable to the situation. His hard work has culminated in him receiving a Best Comic nomination at the the 2010 Canadian Comedy Awards.

Chuck is available for: Corporate parties, Event hosting, Golf tournaments, fundraisers, Colleges, Theater shows, private events, keynote speaking.... Custom material is also available for your event (notice is appreciated, but not always required).

Also featuring James McPhee, Head Fake Sports Podcast.

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Mar 10, 2013

Episode 3 Garett Clark

Garrett Clark

November 2012

live onstage ,and live backstage...

We watched his stand up and shared a couple 8 or 9 beers.

Energy,talent and all around good guy,why haven't you seen him yet?

Impersonations are a natural for this comedian.

Garrett is a favorite of  the Dry Shave Show.

Started stand up at 17 years old.A strong talent and great show,see him live.

Check him out at:

twitter: @GarrettAClark

"The best way to book 17 time oscar winning comedian, and really great guy, Garrett Clark for your event, is to contact him via email. OR, if you just want to say hi, or write him a love note, that’s ok too."

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Mar 10, 2013

Episode 2 Brett Martin

Brett Martin

October 2012

Brett Martin,covering life on the road,breaking into the US market and being online since 1918.

Die hard Jets Fan,(Winnipeg)

In short order you want to know this guy,you want to see his comedy,we closed Yuk Yuks in Vancouver and cant wait to do it again.

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Mar 9, 2013

Episode 1 Illiza Shlesinger

iliza shlesinger

September 2012

Zio ,and Guest host, comedian Greg Kettner sit down with Iliza Shlesinger and Blanch, her lil dogy.

Horror movies, killing Hitler ,and truck nuts get us started in Dry Shaves first episode.

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