Oct 2, 2017

126: It’s the Reptiles, not the Jews

Ivan is joined by meritous conspiratorial conservative, Babz Kebabz to discuss David Icke; shapeshifting reptilian elites; pedophile rings; Antifa; Donald Trump; Justin Trudeau's socks; raping sex robots; white privelige, iphones, the illusion of privacy & V.

There's a lot going on. 


Sep 24, 2017

125: Justin & Sophie Trudeau Special

Byron & Ivan discuss Sophie & Justin's private arrangement; Sophie masturbating to doom porn; the childless society & immigration; Trump's loser terrorists & Bush's War on Terror. 


Sep 18, 2017

124: Kim’s Missiles Target Berkeley

This week Ivan & Byron discuss free speech at Berkeley; Ben Shapiro; Antifa; Lil Kim; Hugh Grant; Liz Hurley; fascist cock; Poland & Hillary's book tour of blame.


Sep 10, 2017

123: Hurricane Harvey Milk

This week Byron & Ivan discuss Hurricane Harvey; Harvey Milk; Melania’s shoes, Gay Iranians protesting Sharia & the condascending racism of liberals; nazi aliens; Dana Loesch; Ann Coulter & Mother Teresa of Calcutta.


Sep 4, 2017

122: Bannon Pulls on Fuck Mask

This week Ivan & Byron discuss the departure from the White House of Steve Bannon & Sebastien Gorka; Sophie Trudeau; Byron's dreams decoded; ESPN; Emannuel Marcron & Princess Diana


Aug 27, 2017

121: This Episode Is Fake

Byron & Ivan discuss faking it; Justin Trudeau; Tucker Carlson; Transgender grooming; Venezuela; Frida Kahlo; Diego Rivera & Leon Trotsky. 


Aug 20, 2017

120: The Dukes of Hazard Declare War on Antifa

Ivan & Byron discuss Charlottesville; the Dukes of Hazard; General Lee's Kung Po Chicken; Antifa & Black Lives Matter; Guam; Cultural Appropriation & the East Coast Power Blackout.


Aug 14, 2017

119: Lil Kim Draws First (prelude to a barbeque)

Ivan & Byron discuss Lil Kim's nuclear face off with Thump; the madness of worshipping summer; progressive media outlets in financial turmoil; assimilation Vs multi-culturalism; the Nixon resignation & yet more Bruno Mars.      


Jul 31, 2017

118: No Trannies on USS Trump

Ivan & Byron discuss Trump's ban on trannies in the military; ISIS fleeing Mosul dressed as women; the appointment of new Whitehouse Press Secretary, Anthony Scaramucci; Trudeau making the front cover of Rolling Stone... & Dunkirk.


Jul 26, 2017

117: ISIS Loses CIA Spending Money

Byron & Ivan discuss the Trump administration turning off the CIA cash tap for ISIS, left running by the Obama administration. Also, Trudeau's $10.5 million gift to Omar Khadr; glitter bombs for pussies & how Roger Stone helped Nixon & Kubrick fake the moon landings. Plus Byron's legenadary task management skills on display.


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