Episode 75 - Cray Cray with Garrett Clark



Sharing a women without evening knowing it,tense moments between the hosts and Garrett Clark.
Our friend  Dave Schendel has days left on his campaign ,dig... for the price of a latte you get to be part of a great film.  
When a fire destroys Cobb's Comedy Club in San Francisco, defiant owner Tom Sawyer and his crew of comedians rebuild it, hoping to revive the struggling indie comedy scene. As a breeding ground for young comedians, Cobb's could not be equaled. Jim CarreyDana CarveyPaula Poundstone,Bob SagetEllen DeGeneresBob GoldthwaitBill MaherKevin Pollak,Kevin NealonGeorge WallaceArj Barker,W. Kamau Bell and many more developed at this small club. With newly uncovered archival footage of the comics and unlimited access to the club, we document the roller coaster ride to re-open the legendary independent venue and keep it open against all odds.